Roster issues plague Reds in 7-0 loss

It’s tough to win games if you can’t score runs.  It’s tougher when you have the wrong lineup in the game.  The Reds lost a tough one in Houston Saturday night 7-0 to Astros lefty Wandy Rodriguez, but the most striking number in the game was not the score.  It was the starting lineup.  With lefty Jay Bruce out with a hand injury, manager Dusty Baker decided to substitue another lefty Laynce Nix in his place in LF.  Meanwhile righty Darnell Mcdonald sits on the bench and Johnny Gomes is stuck in triple A Louisville.  Nix went on to strike out 3 times, including several critical at bats with runners in scoring position.  In addition, Paul Janish again rode the pine while “everyday” player Alex Gonzalez continues to bat under .100.  It makes me wonder how long the Reds will put up with half the lineup batting under .200, while most of the minor league prospects bat over .300.  I guess as long as the winning percentage is over .500 we can expect changes to be few and far between. 


Hoping W’s don’t get in the way of making this team better…



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