Pinch Hitting Pitcher to the Rescue

Maybe the Reds really did make that deal for a big hitting righty – we just didn’t know it.  Micah Owings pinch hit for Volquez in the 7th tonight and put one off the left field wall scoring himself two RBI’s and a little separation for the Reds in a tight game.  Who knew the big hitting righty was already on the roster?  It clearly isn’t Alex Gonzalez, who still wasn’t given a day off despite his .071 average.  It also isn’t Edwin Encarnacion, who despite his ridiculous 10 walks is still only hitting .172 and has 4 RBI’s all from one swing.  With all of the opportunities given a 5/6 hitter, why hasn’t he been given a day off or moved down in the order?  I guess it is because the Reds have no one to put in his place.  Anyone else think maybe bringing Adam Rosales up from AAA would be a good idea?  Or putting Hairston at 3rd for a day?  I’m psyched that the Reds are still over .500, as I am predicting they will end the year (to be clear, my prediction is 5-10 games over .500), but to constantly come from behind seems unsustainable.  The roster issues combined with mostly poor starting pitching is going to come back to haunt them sooner or later.  Anywho, it was nice to see a solid outing from Volquez (despite again running up his pitch count) and you just have to love the incredible bullpen combination of Arthur Rhodes, David Weathers, and closer Francisco Cordero.  


Celebrating a Reds road win…




  1. Birds on the bat

    I gotta admit, Baker made the right move by putting Owings up to bat in that situation. The guy is a stud! I just hope that my Cardinals have enough sense to walk him when the time comes.


    WOW, what a pain to get signed in on this site. Boy, tell one little lie and they NEVER forget!! As one of the oldest fair-weather fans in reds baseball history, I only wanted to say I hope they can continue to win right through the end of their season on June 1st!!

    ps – Where is Johnny Bench when you need him???

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